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Bengaluru is India’s Startup Hub

Around 51 percent of IoT startups in India are Bengaluru headquartered
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Bengaluru is India’s Startup Hub

Bengaluru that leads the charge in India when it comes to being a startup hub has earned a new recognition. Of the 971 Internet of Things (IoT) startups in India, 536 are registered in Bengaluru, according to the IoT Startup Directory 2017.


In 2014, there were 123 IoT startups in the country, the number grew by 60 percent to reach 470 startups in 2016. The recent data reveals a growth of over 100 percent as 971 startups are accounted for.


IoT has been garnering a lot of attention of late, with every industry vertical weighing and leveraging IoT.    Read more…


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